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A New Midwife for Lewis County!

Meet Chris Arrowsmith CPM, LM. ! We have been waiting to make this announcement for about a year that we have worked on the process of bringing her here to practice with us.

We are currently accepting new clients, and offer free initial consultation to see if we are a good fit for your care. (360)623-1035

Chris has dedicated her life to serving women, and in addition to her degree in Midwifery from MCU, she has an earlier degree in Women's Studies, and has spent her life working with women in social and crisis work. Chris spent much of 2017 in the Philippines at Shiprah birth center which serves women who would not have access to maternity care without their prenatal clinic and birth center.

Chris has been my best friend for 5 years and we have been through a lot together. I can't wait for everyone to meet her.

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