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Quintessential Birth


Serving Lewis, Cowlitz and Thurston Counties, Washington

What is a Doula?

A Doula is a professionally trained birth assistant who provides emotional support and physical comfort measures through labor, birth, and postpartum. They also support the mother's partner with assisting her, as much as the partner is comfortable. The Doula helps facilitate communication between mothers, partners, and caregivers. 


Doulas know a lot about childbirth; on top of doula training many doulas are also Childbirth Educators.  Doulas are at a mother's service with a wealth of experience, support, and extensive knowledge. Much of this knowledge is used to provide comfort measures for the mother, especially during labor. 


Though doulas are well educated, they do not impose their views or philosophies of birth on the mother.  A doula's view on the perfect birth is one that shares the mother's view.  The doula completely adapts herself to the desires and needs of the mother.


Doulas help the mother prepare their birth plan (if desired) and hold the birth plan dear throughout the labor and birth.  If there is a need to change the birth plan, the Doula makes sure that the mother is comfortable with any changes that arise or may be necessary.  The Doula does her best to potect and facilitate the mother's birth experience.  The Doulas never interfere and are always cooperative with medical personel/midwives. At times they do facilitate communication or questions between the mother and caregivier if the mother is confused, or having a hard time communicating, and this is always done very respectfully of everyone involved. While others involved in the birth have many roles and responsibilities, the Doula has only one: Supporting the mother and remaining tuned into her desires and needs throughout the process.


If a mother desires to breastfeed, the Doula makes sure that they are off to a great start at the place of birth and at the postpartum visits.  Doulas also have extensive breastfeeding education training and can help the mother and baby get over the initial hurdles and assist where needed.


Studies have shown that when doulas attend birth, labors are on average shorter with fewer complications, babies are healthier and they breastfeed more easily.

Our Philosophy

We recognize that birth of a child is a moment that a mother remembers and holds dear for the rest of her life.  The most important factor in how a mother feels about her birth experience is how she was cared for at the time of labor and birth.  We believe that all women have the right to birth in the way that she feels is safe and right for her, whether this means a hospital birth with pain assistance, or a home birth with a midwife. 


What our Services Include

Our initial meeting is absolutely free and with no commitment. It is an interview to see if we are a good fit for each other.  If you would like to hire the Doula that you interview after that point, then we will schedule 2 prenatal appointments, each lasting approximately 2 hours.  During these meetings we will formulate a birth plan, review birth options, learn what comfort measures the mom seems to like or dislike, a chance for mom and her partner to meet the back up doula, and to review basic plans for early labor.  When the mom goes into labor, she can call the Doula as soon as she feels she would like her there. The timing varies based on the mother's wishes.  The Doula will stay with her throughout her labor and birth.  After the birth the Doula sticks around for an agreed upon time (usually about 1-2 hours) but makes her presence subtle to allow for the early bonding of the new family, ready at any moment to help with anything the mother needs or desires; from comfort to breastfeeding assistance.  The Doula then checks in with the new family at 1-3 days after birth (depending on mothers preference) and then again at about 2 weeks after birth.  We are always available if we are needed at any point during this period.

Our Rates/ Terms

Our standard rate for our complete package (prenatal through postpartum) with an experienced Doula is $650.  50% will be due at time of hiring us, and 50% before your due date. We also accept credit cards. 


We have a sliding scale available for those with less ability to pay, and feel that every woman that wants a Doula should have access to one.  

Doula at Home

Doula Rates and Services-

Complete Doula Services- $650

Placenta Encapsulation- $125 


If you desire some doula services without wanting the whole package, check out our private consultations.

It is our belief that every mother should have access to nurturing care at her time of labor, birth, and postpartum.


* We offer sliding scale and reduced rates to low income families that wish to have a Doula


* We offer low cost or free services to teen or single moms


* We can help you find/access resources based on need. If you are a pregnant or new mom and have unmet needs and need assistance, please let us know and we will do our best to help you or find someone who can.


Contact us for more information if you need, or would like to help provide services to women in challenging situations.  Every mother and child is precious, and helping them form a solid nurturing bond is crucial to all of our future.


This is our way of paying it forward, and giving back with gratitude for all life has given us.  Please join us in our support of mothers, children, and families.

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