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Quintessential Birth Services

Serving Pierce, Lewis, and Thurston Counties, Washington

We provide primary care through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum to healthy low-risk mothers desiring a natural childbirth at home. Our care is client-led and focuses on the needs and desires of each mother and her pregnancy.

If you want to meet and see if our care may be right for you and your pregnancy, we offer free initial consultations- (360)623-1035

Philosophy of Care

We believe pregnancy and birth to be a natural life process, with the mother having inherent rights of personal sovereignty and body integrity throughout the process. Pregnancy and birth is an experience the mother is actively participating in, rather than something external happening to her.

We believe the mother/baby dyad are an inseparable interdependent unit from the time of conception until the baby’s first year of life. 

We believe pregnancy and birth to be a natural initiatory and spiritual phenomena preparing a woman to have the strength necessary to be an effective mother

We believe we are a part of that nature, and it is natural that we help and support others as we are able, and that we created and utilize technology to help us do so.

We believe a woman to be the natural and primary caregiver for her baby with inherent rights and responsibilities and obligations.

We believe a woman to be the primary decision maker in the options for her medical care

Statement of Ethics

As much as we are able, we hold to the ethical standards of personal autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, and justice. The way these are embodied in our practice is broad, but primary statements of these standards in my practice are as follows:

We respect a woman’s personal sovereignty over her body, her choices, and the medical care she receives. She is the primary decider of the experiences of her life. She should never be denied a voice or say.


As a midwife, it is our role to act in the best interest of our client which includes the mother/baby dyad. To provide the best care and options within our scope, which could lead to the best possible outcome. The best possible outcome being the one that is chosen or desired by the client. There are times this is achieved by referring or consulting with another provider which can provide the care my client needs (with the client’s consent) if that care is outside of our scope.


We hold to the Hippocratic principle “First do no harm” and realize that intervention should be used with a careful hand, as with any intervention can come inherent risk. There are times for the beneficence of the mother/baby dyad that things shift and intervention becomes the most benefit to the client. When possible and intervention is indicated, in non-emergent situations we will start with the least harmful intervention possible before utilizing potentially more harmful interventions. Only when the life or safety of one of the mother/baby dyad is in jeopardy would a more potentially invasive intervention be considered.


We believe all humans have basic inherent rights, included in these are safety from harm or persecution, access to safe water and sustenance, access to competent and adequate medical care, and access to education.

We believe all humans should be accepted and treated with non-judgement by medical staff and care-givers regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, or other factors that are personal choices or identities.

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