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Quintessential Birth


Serving Lewis, Cowlitz, Pacific, and Thurston Counties, Washington

Meet our Midwives, Doulas, Educators, and Consultants

Renee Terralumina LM, CPM

I am dedicated to providing exceptional care to those who choose me as their midwife. My attachment to this area began when I bought land to farm here (organic permaculture small scale production) in 2010. My journey to midwifery began when as a 20 year old soon to be first time mom wanting a natural birth without IV's epidurals, or invasive procedures and had to fight for that in a hospital (successfully). At the time (and where I lived) midwifery wasn't an option (and I didn't even know existed in the modern world) I just believed in my body, and in the process. I later had my 2nd-5th babies out of the hospital, the last 3 with amazing midwives (two in Seattle, one here in Lewis County). After the birth of my 5th I felt very called to the path of becoming a midwife. I worked with a wonderful preceptor in Yelm for 5 years (Kara Neff LM), spent some time as a student at Heritage Birth Center in Ancorage AK (and caught a baby during an earthquake close to the epicenter), and then worked with Laura Hamilton LM for the final few months of her career, and took over her remaining clients when she retired.  I graduated from Midwives College of Utah. Took and passed the NARM, became a CPM, and then received Washington Licensure as an LM. I am completely dedicated to this path, and to the families I serve.

Rebecca Larson  Midwives Assistant, Doula

My journey and love of home birth started when I was 8 years old, my 14 year old sister chose to have her first baby at home! I was hooked!! I wanted nothing more than to have babies at home, I was blessed to have all 5 of my children at home. Between my two sisters and I we had 12 home births! I’m very passionate about home birth, natural care , breastfeeding and anything that involves a woman making a choice and being supported in any way to fulfill that choice!! When asked if I was interested in being a birth assistant I couldn’t contain my excitement! Everything in my life until this point has led to this path! Supporting mamas during the transition of pregnancy to motherhood is the most amazing thing I could do!! Can’t wait to work with each and everyone of you! 

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