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Our Team

Midwife- Renee Terralumina LM, CPM

I am dedicated to providing exceptional care to those who choose me as their midwife. My attachment to this area began when I bought land to farm here (organic permaculture small scale production) in 2010. My journey to midwifery began when as a 20 year old soon to be first time mom wanting a natural birth without IV's epidurals, or invasive procedures and had to fight for that in a hospital (successfully). At the time (and where I lived) midwifery wasn't an option (and I didn't even know existed in the modern world) I just believed in my body, and in the process. I later had my 2nd-5th babies out of the hospital, the last 3 with amazing midwives (two in Seattle, one here in Lewis County). After the birth of my 5th I felt very called to the path of becoming a midwife. I worked with a wonderful preceptor in Yelm for 5 years (Kara Neff LM), spent some time as a student at Heritage Birth Center in Ancorage AK (and caught a baby during an earthquake close to the epicenter), and then worked with Laura Hamilton LM for the final few months of her career, and took over her remaining clients when she retired.  I graduated from Midwives College of Utah. Took and passed the NARM, became a CPM, and then received Washington Licensure as an LM. I am completely dedicated to this path, and to the families I serve.

Birth and Office Assistant, Doula, Student Midwife- Malachi Starling 


I was introduced to the birth world with the arrival of my baby siblings as a child and have gravitated to the care of birthing people and their babies ever since. At 18 I began working as a doula, and at 19 I began my studies at Midwives College of Utah. I took a few-year hiatus from birth work, started birth assisting at Quintessential in 2021, then returned to MCU in January 2024. I think the midwives model of care changes lives for the better, and I'm here to provide that to my community. Every family shapes our body of wisdom and turns us into the midwives people need us to be. When I'm not at work I love to garden, fix things, and spend time with my friends. 

Birth and Office Assistant, Doula, Student Midwife- Dacy Spahr

I began my journey in birth work for several reasons. It all started in 2015 after I had my first child in a hospital, and I wasn't entirely satisfied with the experience. I felt like I couldn't listen to my body the way I wanted and there were so many restrictions on what I could or couldn't do. After that, I promised myself that I would avoid giving birth at a hospital if possible. In 2018, I had my first home birth, and it was a truly magical experience. It was everything I had hoped for in a birth. I was so in love with the experience that, of course, after my third child and second home birth, when I got the chance to start working in birth work, I jumped at it! Being able to support a mother during such a beautiful, life-altering moment is the most amazing thing. After a year of birth assisting, I have decided to further my journey and go to school for my Nurse Midwife License.

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